Hello, I'm Ant Maxted and photography is my passion, this started before I even thought about turning it into a business. I have built everything up from the ground up and I'm really proud that I am fully self taught, spending pretty much any time I get to myself studying new techniques, revisiting older shoots and looking at the history of photography to constantly evolve my style to give my clients photos they can cherish.

Myself and my wife Francesca have three beautiful children, Alessia, Darcie and Hugo, who we dedicate our lives to. They also have no choice but to be models for me when I want to try out new techniques, just as well they love the camera really.

Given my family life, I really think this helps with my photography. I am acutely aware of how tricky it can sometimes be to get all the family together and the worry you may have with children misbehaving but I can assure you, we've all been there and I always make it my priority to make sure all sessions are relaxed and most importantly, fun.